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The world is not that dangerous or unsafe. There are some few desperate places and people even in your home town, but these are a minority. Infact you are more likely to get in trouble when you are at home than when travelling if you follow common sense tips on your trips.

A few of them are listed below:
1. Separate your sources of Money
2. Don't keep your wallet/purse in your jeans back pocket
3.Scan all your major documents
4. Don't trust strangers, there are limits when it comes to such.
5.Get Vaccinated
6.Get Travel Insurance
7.Avoid public display of Affluence (jewellery and other valuables)
8.Give it up-simple rule when mugged and walk away un-injured
9. Don't leave your belongings unattended in public places
10.Some things are best perfected at home- for instance teaching yourself to ride a ski jet or motorcycle in a foreign country may be unwise